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The Brooks Family Picnic at Long Point Park 1950’s

Dedicated to the many memories of the Brooks family near Long Point Park, Conesus Lake, NY. Song “Love Letters in the Sand” performed by Pat Boone.


The Brooks and Snider Family Picnic at Long Point Park 1950’s

The Brooks and Snider families enjoying the fun at Long Point Park, Conesus Lake, NY through the 1950’s. Music by the Coasters; “Yakkity Yak”.


The Webb Family Picnic at Long Point Park 1956

First and last reunion since Grandma Rose Webb died in 1953.


Hurricane Agnes stroke New York State in 1972

In 1972 hurricane Agnes caused widespread damage in New York State.


Last Day at Long Point Park 1990

An 8mm video of the last day of Long Point Amusement Park on Conesus Lake, NY. Late summer of 1991. Mr. LaGrou, the owner, can been seen running the boat ride.


A history of Livingston County

A history of Livingston County, NY, from the Iroquois Confederacy to the pre-Civil War era. Topics include Mary Jemison, the Sullivan Campaign, the formation of Livingston County, the Shakers, Williamsburgh, the Genesee Valley Canal, the Jackson Sanitarium, Avon water spas, and the Wadsworths of the Genesee Valley.