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Ralph E. Fox

Ralph Fox and his wife Shirley ran a concession stand at Long Point park on Conesus Lake. They also operated tour boat rides aboard the “Lee M” around the lake.

Long Point Park

Alice and Richard Haitz of McPherson Point

Alice and Richard Haitz owned a cottage at 2612 East Lake Road at McPherson Point on Conesus Lake NY in the 1950’s. It was two houses south of the Livingston Inn.

McPherson Point

Carl Johnston

Carl Johnston was the proprietor of the Long Point Park for many years. He took over when Mr. and Mrs. Harry Berry left the park.

Long Point Park

William J. Keays

William Jeremiah Keays was born in Canada in 1829. Family tragedy, varying work experiences and the US Civil war eventually brought William to Conesus Lake where he was the Captain of the McPherson tourboat.

McPherson Steamer

John La Grou

John La Grou along with his wife and family, owned and operated Long Point Amusement Park on Conesus Lake from 1958 until his retirement in 1990.

Long Point Park

Eddie McGraw and his Orchestra

Eddie McGraw and his big band orchestra was a popular event at Long Point Park in the late 1930’s.

Long Point Park

Robert Moses and Nancy Marks Moses

Bobby and Nancy met at the Long Point Park skating rink in 1951. They have been married 57 years and fondly remember the place where it all began.

Long Point Park

Charles A. Williams and Myrtle Sutton

Charles and Myrtle were married and lived at Conesus Lake. Myrtle was of Seneca heritage and they dressed up and posed for “Old West” photos.

McPherson Point

The Woodruff Family of McPherson Point

The Woodruffs were the proprietors of the Livingston Inn at McPherson Point at Conesus lake NY for nearly 50 years.

Livingston Inn

McPherson Point

John M. Woodruff II and Winifred Heffernan

John and Winifred Woodruff were married and lived at McPherson Point on Conesus Lake NY.

Livingston Inn

McPherson Point