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Aug 2016

Phil Rongo Ninety and Counting

Phil Rongo recently celebrated his 90th birthday with family and friends at Long Point Park on Conesus Lake. Along with dancing and cake were many shared memories of his visits to Long Point Park.

Livingston County News

Vince DiSalvo

Jan 2016

A History of Flight at Conesus Lake

Most people are familiar with the name Glenn Curtiss and his contribution to manned flight. And although the hub of the early flight activity was centered around the Bath-Hammondsport area, it eventually found it’s way to Conesus Lake.

Livingston County News

Vince DiSalvo

Dec 2015

McPherson Steamboat was the Master of Conesus Lake

The experience of a ride on the “Master” of Conesus Lake may never be repeated but the mark in local history the McPherson Steamboat made will not soon be forgotten.

Livingston County News

Vince DiSalvo

Mar 2015

Dance Hall Days at Conesus Lake

As the popularity of Big Band music grew in the early part of the 20th Century, dance Halls opened up from New York City to Los Angeles and Conesus Lake was no exception.

Livingston County News

Vince DiSalvo


Memories of Lakeville

Helen Spencer Demas remembers her childhood and ice harvesting, the steamer McPherson, hotels and the people of Lakeville.

The Livonia Gazette

Helen Spencer Demas


A History of Lakeville

The Indians used to live there and then the white man came to the foot of Conesus Lake and built a town. It became a thriving little place with horses and stage coaches, ice harvests, salt mines and small businesses.

The Livonia Gazette

Unknown Author


The “Lee M.” Excursion Era Ends

The “Lee M.” excursion boat era is coming to an end. The tour boat came to Conesus Lake from Silver Springs Fla. The Fox family who provided excursion rides around the lake for twelve years are giving it up.

The Regional News Service

Bob Nickels


Conesus Lake Folklore

Mrs. Joseph Lang has written a series of installments about the Folklore of Conesus Lake. Read about the early legends of the natives, the turtle stones and the steam boats on the lake.

The Livonia Gazette

Mrs. Joseph Lang


The Lakeville Salt Works

The Lakeville Salt Works was organized in 1883 and the plant was destroyed by fire in 1885. It was widely known for the high-quality salt that it produced and marketed.

The Lima Recorder

Vincent B. Wayland


Summer Events at Conesus Lake

The summer of 1950 at Conesus Lake was eventful. The 2nd annual outboard motor boat race, Lake of Fire, the yacht club meet at Pine Tree and the ladies of the Conesus Lake Sportsmen’s Club held their card party. And many people just relaxed in the sun.

The Conesus Laker

Unknown Author


Air Show Over Conesus Lake Lake

The roar of motors in the air heralded the arrival of the Rochester Flying Club to Lakeville promptly at 9:30 Sunday morning on 18 February 1940.

The Livingston Democrat

Unknown Author


Steamboat Days at Conesus Lake

The late 1800’s were the golden days for steamboats on Conesus Lake. The “McPherson”, “Conesus”, “Alice M.” and “J. A. Ritz” to name a few ran excursion rides around the lake and provided passenger service to the hotels.

The Livingston Republican

Unknown Author


Conesus Lake Floods

The worst flooding in remembered history happened at Conesus Lake in June of 1937. Dynamite was used to clear clogged creeks of log jams.

The Lima Recorder

Bud Donahue


Speedboat Garwood Explodes on Conesus Lake

The speedboat “Garwood” exploded unexpectedly as it pushed off from the Long Point pier on Conesus Lake NY. A mother, her three children and the pilot were all injured.

The Lima Recorder

Dansville Breeze


A Livingston Inn Review

In 1929 the Livingston Inn of McPherson Point was reviewed with much praise and encouragement.

Coneus Lake Newsletter

Unknown Author


Record Floods Come to Conesus Lake

In 1927 record floods came to Conesus Lake. The water was up to the porch on the Livingston Inn at McPherson Point. Water ran into the windows of some cottages.

Livingston Republican

Unknown Author


Howard Gallagher Mardi Gras Orchestra

In 1923 Howard Gallagher and his orchestra the Mardi Gras played music at Long Point park on Conesus Lake. Listen to the song “You’ve Gotta See Your Mama”.

Livingston Democrat

Unknown Author


Cow Frog Hunting at Conesus Lake

The cow frog receives its name from the peculiar resemblance of his music during mating time to the distant bellow of a cow. But during all except the mating season he is silent as the tomb.

The Cato Citizen

Unknown Author


Lionel Legare at the Livonia Carnival in 1911

Lionel Legare amazed the crowds with his performance at the Livonia carnival in 1911. He ascended and descended a mammoth spiral tower while standing on top of a large ball during a fireworks display.

Livonia Gazette

Unknown Author


The Steamboat McPherson burned in 1902.

The steamboat McPherson burned in 1902. It was a well known for providing excursion tours around Conesus Lake NY.

Livonia Gazette

Unknown Author